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2010 TeraGrid User Survey

The annual TeraGrid User Survey will be opened for user input from 1 - 30 June 2010. The first 600 people to complete the survey will receive a $10 electronic gift certificate to Amazon.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee, the core cluster of LONI, is a 50.7 Flops Peak Performance 668 node Dell PowerEdge 1950 cluster running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 operating system. Each node contains two Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.33GHz 64-bit processors and 8 GB of memory. The cluster is interconnected with 10 Gb/sec Infniband and has 192 TB of storage in a Lustre filesystem. Half of Queen Bee's computational cycles have been contributed to the TeraGrid community.

TeraGrid users can access Queen Bee system using their TeraGrid certificates via gsissh by following the instructions on the New Users Guide. We have not set a default password for TeraGrid account. TeraGrid users who desire a password can request one using the password reset form (the form requires a user to enter the email address which is associated with his/her TeraGrid account).


TeraGrid News


Consulation and administrative support for the LONI systems is provided by HPC @ LSU. Support is also available through the TeraGrid Help Desk.