Cloud HD Video

The second option is that of a High-Definition IP desktop video conferencing capability combining computer based audio, web and video conferencing. This service enables virtualized collaboration to be conducted without the need for all of the participants to meet in a single location. These services enable meetings to be planned and arranged such that the actual meetings are conducted by bringing participants together by telephone or through the Internet– anytime and anywhere. Meetings can be recorded locally to the organizer for later playback and transcoded to other web formats for distribution. This hybrid-cloud based offering is based upon SeeVogh’s offering. Each faculty and staff member at one of our participating organizations will be given an initial 1000 credits to perform testing and product awareness.  Beyond the initial credits, additional credits can deposited by submitting an allocations proposal to Lonnie Leger.


For additional information, see the SeeVogh User’s Guide.


Testdrive this new service at the LONI Welcome Room by clicking here


Service Costs

Currently there is no additional cost for this service to LONI Network participants.