Network AUP

Network Acceptable Use Policy

Network access facilitates the LONI participants in meeting their business needs. LONI reserves the right to monitor all network communications. With the exception of information protected by federal/state statutes and agency policies, users should have no expectation of privacy as to their network usage.

Participants may not download, store, transmit, or display any kind of image or document that violates federal, state, or local laws and regulations, executive orders, or that violates any state or department adopted policies, procedures, standards, or guidelines.

Acceptable use must be legal, ethical, and respectful of intellectual property, ownership of data, systems security mechanisms, and individual rights to privacy and freedom from intimidation, harassment and annoyance. An abuse of the privilege of the network use may result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by supervising authorities.

The LONI Network can be used for any legal purpose, so long as it does not interfere with or adversely affect the operation of the LONI Network or any participant, as may be determined by LONI.

LONI and its participants agree to take reasonable steps, individually and collectively, to ensure use of the LONI Network by participants and any other user is consistent with the terms of LONI’s AUP.

The participants agree not to intentionally violate or tamper with the operation, performance or security of the LONI Network.  Participants also agree to operate equipment that is attached to the LONI Network Service in a manner that does not adversely impact the performance of the LONI Network or other participant’s equipment.